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Memorial Table

There will be a memorial table set up in front of the Supreme Court in Washington, DC all day September 22, 2003. The table will serve as a backdrop for the memorial service and candlelight vigil later that evening.

I encourage all that have lost a loved one that was a medical marijuana patient to consider having that person memorialized. The table will hold pictures, letters, personal effects or anything else that will help remind us all that there is a human loss and misery created by the war on medical marijuana.

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Cheryl's' ashes shortly before they were interred at the IOOF cemetery in Norman Oklahoma

The idea of a memorial table came to me while I was in Oklahoma to have Cheryl's' ashes interred at the IOOF cemetery in Norman. While I was there I went to Oklahoma City to visit the memorial at the site of the federal building bombing five years ago. Immediately after the bombing they put a chain link fence up to guard the rescue/recovery site. Distraught friends, relatives, and surviving family members began putting articles of remembrance on the fence. When the site was decided to be the home of a memorial to the 168 victims, the fence was kept intact and became a permanent part of the memorial. I was amazed at the reality the fence and all of it's mementos brought to me. There were sunglasses, key chains, tee-shirts, pictures love notes, concert ticket stubs and a host of other things that made me cry for the loss they were all still feeling. I thought that this feeling should be duplicated for the victims of our country's failed war against medical marijuana patients. (Here is a photo of part of the wall in Oklahoma City.)

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The late Eddie Smith, medical marijuana hero, with Cher in New Jersey, October 2000.

Come Sept. 22 I hope that people passing by the Supreme Court will feel the same way. Cheryl did a lot of things by herself to try and change medical marijuana law in this country. I know that she will not be alone at the memorial table. This can put a face on the medical marijuana tragedy like never before. If you want to have a loved one memorialized that day, please be in touch. I can assure you that it will have the desired effect.

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